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I. Strategic Planning:

We aid and assist in the process of Formulation, Implementing & Tracking decisions about your organization's future direction. Assisting in the creating or up grading of the Primary Objectives that affect, a. Profitability, b. Share or Position in the Market and c. Return on Investment. Manager then translates these into the Operational Goals of the company, by department, and by individual.

Formulation is the process of deciding where you want to go, what decisions must be made, and when they must be made in order to accomplish the objectives. The outcome of this process is the organization doing the right thing, at the right time, by the right personnel.

Implementing the formulated plan into methods, procedures, policies and action steps for achieving the plan, and involving all levels of management in moving the organization towards its destination. It creates a fix between the goals & objectives and the required activities.

Tracking is necessary to manage the progress and timetables as they unfold, and adjust requirements as needed. When performance is measured, performance improves; and the more frequently performance is measured the faster it improves.

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