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III. Manufacturing Solutions:

1. Lean Manufacturing Concept and Strategies:

a. Overview:

It is important that we think of Lean Manufacturing as a concept and its implementation a culture change within the organization. It is not a matrix of new management tools, but a mindset that observes, investigates, reviews, evaluates and eliminates waste all through the organization for continuous improvement. Its focus is on the Value stream as a product, piece part, or service with all its components and support systems flowing through the organization. The purpose, plain and simple, is to remove unnecessary activities, [non-value work] to shorten the path and increase throughput.

Lean Manufacturing is attained through two important conditions. First, the implementation of a new thought process, that talks about and acts upon the concept of flow that generates a continuous movement of product without queuing at each operation. This re-structure further provides a system of standardized work methods / procedures necessary for subsequent components to occur.

Secondly, Lean Manufacturing is implemented as an ongoing continuous improvement process, to insure that the program is not only working but continued improvements are made.

b. Strategies:

1. Review and restructure processes as needed. [From clerical to shipping]

1.a. Clerical systems [-MIS ]

1.b. Manufacturing systems [-MIS -Transportation -Plant layout - Storage ]

1c. Manufacturing processes [-Mfg. Cells for continuous flow -Quick Changeover and Standardized work approach]

These are a few of the areas we support. We develop specialized training that can support the up grading and or implementation of completely new programs. This includes training of people, creating processes, methods, and procedures. See other pages for corresponding topics and training.

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