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V. Assessments:

Whether you're hiring new employees or wanting to assist your present employee through improved communication and training, we offer the following Assessment options to assist your organization in these decisions.

BYH -- Before You Hire [BYH] is a pre-employment screening evaluation about an applicant's attitude toward motivation, adaptability, service-orientation, and integrity, also workplace theft and drug use. By routinely using this assessment with all qualified job applicants an employer may receive these benefits:

  • Higher quality staff, skills that more appropriately match the position.
  • Turnover reduction, more realistic and specific employee expectations.
  • Increased profit, by reaching reasonable expectation with qualified personnel.
  • Improvement in productivity, not only by doing things more efficiently, but more effectively.

BYH is a quick, inexpensive, reliable method for screening job applicants. It has been effectively used in the market place for more then 20 years.

PES, the Profile Evaluation System, has been successfully implemented in thousands of organizations throughout the United States and Canada over the last 30 years. PES combines cognitive and personality scales in a normative instrument for the best approach to providing a well-rounded picture of an individual.

The PES looks at how an individual may perform in a given job, by comparing their profile to a normative pattern, which can be developed for a specific job at a specific organization. Along with interviewing, checking references, and administering other applicable profiles The PES helps ensure solid, winning hiring decisions for both employer & employee.

PES is often used in the hiring and placement of higher level associates and sales individuals, as it is very comprehensive. As a coaching tool, the PES is right on Target in helping a supervisor to effectively communicate and train / develop associates.

ACL- A Closer Look collection includes a Personality Profile, The Coach Report, Team Report, Sales Pro Test, Custom Test and IQ Test.

Personality Profile: This report is a remarkably accurate instrument that is quick and easy to complete. It is designed to sort out some of the mystery behind the applicant and see where they might best fit into an organization. Needless to say, if an employer hires or promotes the wrong person, both the employee and the organization lose.

The Coach Report: Selecting a coach [also known as the partner profile] is an excellent tool for matching an individual with a supervisor or to learn if two or more individuals would be compatible in a partnership environment.

Team Report:  Team building is used to select the best team member for each team position. The members are evaluated as a result of their profile scores. There are 12 set categories or positions, ranging from clerical to leader, which correspond to the most frequently encountered positions within a workplace team.

Sales Pro- Sales Pro, also know as the Sales Aptitude & Placement System, is a tool used to evaluate salespeople. It produces a comprehensive report that outlines the individual's knowledge and skills with regard to the selling process.

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