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IV. Review, Evaluation & Reward:

The Reviewing Process is an often overlooked process by which an employer, through the management, may more effectively communicate what is needed, how it is needed, and ways they can assist the employee to achieve desired outcomes. The outcome affords both the employee and the organization the results needed for a feeling of growth and development.

1. Review:

We offer a Program, [Methods, Procedures and Strategies] to effectively assist management and staff at various levels that provides direction, documentation of goals, and action steps that enables continuous growth [PC1].

2. Evaluation:

We provide a process that is easy, effective and frequently employee administered to focus on continuous growth…. [PC2] based on pre-determined goals.

3. Reward:

We create a Wage Differential based on critical employment criteria for positions within a specific group. It provides a predetermined graduated matrix [wage / salary scale]. It is based on Knowledge, Ability to apply that knowledge and the Resourcefulness to perform the specific functions, as well as the employees ability to revise and re-implement new and improved know-how and solutions. This process is particularly supportive in providing a clear picture for each employee to see where they're at, where they're going, how they will achieve their goals, as well as the measured outcome of their achievements. It also serves as a self-motivation program at all levels and provides an outlet for those folks with exceptional ideas, aptitudes, and the desire, wanting to apply there know-how. [PC3].

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