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Our Mission

To enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing and related businesses by improving performance through improving Business Practice, Management Development, and by use of existing and new Technology.

  • MDS has been serving the business community for 20 years offering proven solutions and assisting in there implementation.
  • Our measure of success is our documentation of increased profitability to the clients we serve.
  • Benefits & Impact: Comprehensive management assistance from identifying resolutions, to implementing and evaluating the results. Please visit the Webster map for a more comprehensive and detailed look at each of the specific areas.

Why choose us?

Management development systems has been working with small to medium sized manufacturers for 20 years assisting them in clearly defining their goals and objectives.  Our credentials are knowledge, know-how, and the experience to train, implement and evaluate processes.  Our strength is in our knowing, showing and assisting our clients in defining what, where, why, how, who and when to make changes.   We then define the tracking necessary to see these objectives unfold.

  • We are results oriented.
  • We assist in the use and expansion of existing technologies.
  • We assist in implementing management tools that reduce risk.
  • We assist in reducing and eliminating non-value added work.
  • We have the ability to improve integration of management technology with your technology.
  • We look at fixing the existing systems first, to minimize change, reduce cost and improve profitability.
  • Video conferencing to reduce cost and provide timely assistance.

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Management Development Systems

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3097 120 Ave. Clear Lake, MN 55319
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